New technologies remake the landscape, offering us improved tools to readjust the ways in which we tell our story. Use such tools judiciously, as they can easily overwhelm and upstage the story that you are telling. Media resources should be called upon to serve specific purposes. Technology put to use in a story is a form of magic and so should lhelp you lend substance to your ideas. Use such tools properly, and you turn challenges into opportunities. Remain resourceful, conversational and receptive through it all, and the communication will take care of itself.

Obviously, we have Powerpoint and Keynote. These are your standard tools - only as good as your ability to use them judiciously and creatively. But what about expanding your toolset to include webcasts and live remotes? What about event blogging or online polling? What about cellphone games or alternate reality games? What if your story were to be reframed or deconstructed for a social interface? What if your talk were subject to network effects, and to instant re-mixing? If your online story is to be worth that degree of repurposement, it must carry a fairly strong message to begin with. Be strategic and innovative in using technology to support your story, and it will become a staunch ally to the illumination that you seek, and that your audience too sincerely hopes to witness.

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