And was there some other purpose to all this but illumination? Casting light into darkness; the dispelling of doubt and ignorance - or at least some small share of it for the sake of insight, inspiration and enthusiasm. Was that not our purpose? Is that not what we each try and instill in our children, and in ourselves - because life, absent of light is an all too brief brief and lonely passage. Let us get our priorities straight before we get crushed by details. The reason you got up this morning was what, again? Your purpose in speaking to us today is what? If your story does not add something to our mutual purpose for living, then why are you wasting our time and yours?

If illumination seems to you too lofty an objective, ask yourself why you would think that? Illumination is a simple thing. It is something we are all strive for, like learning to hit a baseball or making a perfectly poached egg. It is simply doing something with sufficient energy and intention that your audience is drawn into your purpose with you. From there, they can begin to work with you, anticipating your next move, while helping you to punctuate what preceded it. When this happens, you may notice a shift in the room as you and they together kick up to a more energetic and focused state of being. Such a shift signals the arrival of the warm and welcoming ritual-like illuminating presence.

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Photo: Gina Grandi