Story is a physical force that pushes you forward. It is why you came to speak to us. In the telling, you find your own unique reflection of the truth - a reflection mind you, not the truth itself. The truth is beyond any of us to capture and convey. Lucky for us, we have these reflected representations, which because they are not "the truth," allow us a tremendous amount of freedom in how we choose to express them. Give yourself to your story, and see where it takes you. You do not have to convince people of the truth of what you are saying; only of its uniqueness. Convince yourself and your audience of that, and you will have done more than enough.

"...Our bodies are formed by our imaginations. The human animal is the only animal where there is an indissolvable marriage between biology and stories. We are not biological animals. All studies based upon animal studies are fatally flawed by the fact that I can change your biology by changing the story that I tell you. Culture weaves around our biology. Culture changes our endorphins. Cultural stories can change our chemical structure, and perhaps even the very structure of our brain." (Sam Keen)

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Photo: Mark Rahmani