Responsibility for the experience rests in the storyteller's lap. Rhythm, Intensity and Design are the three key variables in the storyteller's energetic arsenal. How you deploy those variables is what will hopefully make you and your story unique. Confidence is central to having sufficient force of will to overcome apathy and resistance within yourself and your audience. The reward for reversing entropy is worth any effort that it might require of you. By taking on the challenge of leadership, you allow the audience to enter into an experience, the terms of which have been set by you. Hopefully, you have come prepared with a story worth telling. It is in that telling, in the transmission of that story to an audience, that an experience is born. It is experience after all that is the lifeblood of storytelling, and just as the heart steadily pumps the blood through the body, so must the storyteller circulate that experience through the audience. Be generous, be open and be courageous with that experience, but be respectful of it too, for it is a force that can confuse as easily as it illuminates.

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Photo: Mark Rahmani